Buy Contact Lenses Online – Easy Steps


Firstly, it’s necessary that you have a current prescription. That must happen no matter where you get your contacts. Likely the first set of contacts will come from the eye care professional. That way the contacts are checked on you and sure to work. After that though, you’re free to get contacts wherever you choose.

After you have the contacts, just choose an online store that’s easy to use and you might even comparison shop on price to make sure you get a fair deal. You may even want to check local stores to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Then you just fill out the contact specifications which you can just copy off the prescription. It Online dispensary shipping worldwide just includes the brand and model and power and sizes and just the few basic pieces of information.

Then the doctor’s contact information is required. And of course your personal contact information and then it’s payment time.

That’s just about it.

The process is complete after payment since the contacts online store will contact your eye doctor to confirm the information.

After the transaction is complete, you will also have opportunity to make another step to speed along the process. By faxing a copy of your prescription to the online store, you can bypass the required contact with the eye doctor and just get the contacts shipment going. Once the prescription is on file at the online store, you need not send it in again until the prescription expires.

You also have the option of just emailing the prescription as an attachment to the email if that is more convenient than the fax method. My experience is the response to emailing the prescription got a personal response from a reviewer within just a few minutes. At that point you’ve done all you have to do. All that’s left is the shipment of the lenses and then you’re done.

Buy contact lenses online and you skip a lot of trouble and hassles. It’s an easy way to save a little money, but it’s also a quick way to save time as well.