How to Use a WhatsApp Trick to Send a Message to Multiple People at Once

If you’ve been missing out on a feature or function in WhatsApp, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve found a great way to send the same message to several people at once. This feature will land your message in the direct chat of the recipient. To enable this feature, tap the three-dot menu at the top right corner of the chat window. Then, select your contacts and tap the green button on the bottom right corner.

Disable read receipts on WhatsApp

If you’re worried that your friend is reading everything you say, you can disable WhatsApp’s read receipts. It will keep recipients from being able to see the blue check mark that indicates they have read your message. You can also disable them for specific chats. However, you have to be careful because this can leave you unable to keep track of your friends’ status changes and chats. To avoid getting caught in this trap, you should first disable read receipts for all chats.

Disabling WhatsApp read receipts will help you avoid being caught in these situations, but will also remove the option of displaying messages on your screen. When you disable read receipts on WhatsApp, you’ll only be able to see gray checkmarks on your screen when a message has been read. If you want the read time and date to be displayed on your message’s read receipt, both parties must agree to this.

Check which members have read a specific message

There are several ways to check whether a specific WhatsApp message has been read. If you have a large number of WhatsApp contacts, you might be wondering how to see if your message was read by everyone. This is actually very simple to do. All you need to do is long-press a message and look at the “Delivered to” and “Read by” sections. This will display the names of all the group members who have read the message.

If the message was sent in a group, the read status is also available. If everyone in the group has received it, a blue tick mark will appear in the recipient’s chat window. Otherwise, it will remain grey. If you are in a group chat, tap the three dots icon in the top-right corner of the message. Click on the ‘Info’ tab, and you’ll see both the sender and receiver’s read status. Note that the read status also applies to voice messages sent to a group.

Mute a conversation on WhatsApp

One of the most convenient ways to silence someone on WhatsApp is to mute them. The first thing to do is to long-press the conversation you want to silence. From there, tap the crossed-out speaker icon. In your profile, you’ll see a message icon with a black cross on it. If you’re muting a

group conversation, the same steps apply. Tap the icon and long-press the other person’s name or profile to mute that group conversation.

Previously, you had to unmute a conversation to avoid hearing it. But now, it’s possible to mute a group conversation permanently. WhatsApp has added an option to mute a group conversation for up to eight hours, a week, how to hack someone’s phone or forever. Whether you’re trying to avoid a specific conversation or want to block someone’s phone number from being displayed to other members of the group, you can always unmute a conversation later.

Send a message to a person who blocked you

Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to send a message to someone you’ve blocked on WhatsApp. If this is the case, you may want to consider other methods of communication. The easiest way to send a message to a blocked person is through SMS. By using your default text messaging app, you can send a text message to the person on your contact list. This method is dependable and is not dependent on the other person’s mobile number.

You can use the SMS app to send a text message to a person who has blocked you on WhatsApp. In order to send a text to a blocked person, you must have their phone number on your device. Once you have this information, you can send a message to the person on WhatsApp. If you have been blocked by a mutual contact, you can also add the person to a group chat. After this, you can resolve your differences by adding each other to the group chat.